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Objective & Strategy Background

Our goal has been to grow the Netflix YouTube channel to raise awareness of original series and films.

The Netflix YouTube channel was previously being used as a platform for releasing trailers and promotional content, however we saw a greater opportunity on this platform to expand the Netflix brand especially with the Gen Z audience. As such, we were tasked with creating content that taps into YouTube themes and behaviors in order for Netflix to gain views and grow subscribers. We approached this initiative through creating strong repeatable formats specific to what we know works on YouTube with this audience.

Content Strategy RELATION “SHIPPING” Love is in the air!

The Gen Z audience tends to gravitate towards cute boys, and who can blame them? We have found by pairing up two popular characters or focusing in on the love story line we are able to attract views by the million.

Social Media Production WORKING WITH TALENT

A key piece in creating widely viewed social media content is working with top talent and getting the most from the often limited time you have with them. Our production and creative teams have been able to make the most of these shoots and demonstrate our skills within original concepting, shooting, directing and editing.

Test & Learn Content OTHER FUN STUFF Here are a couple of our favorite experiments!

One of the best parts of working with Netflix is the creative freedom they give us to experiment.



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