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We are always looking for great new people to add to our team. Our culture.

This is what has led us to become an award-winning, social media agency.

Our Values.

These drive our work and our culture.

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    Lead with positivity and empathy.

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    Cultivate inclusivity where everyone has a sense of belonging.

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    Be someone that others can rely on.

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    Make an impact on the work, company and culture.

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    Given open, honest and direct feedback.

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    Enjoy the journey through passion, camaraderie and balance.

diversity Our Commitment to Diversity

diversity, equity & inclusion

Movement Strategy is committed to fostering a culture of acceptance, respect, and inclusion which is crucial for the success of our agency and the clients we serve. That’s why we live by key DE&I principles:

  • Building an equitable and diverse workplace is a collective effort which requires everyone to participate.
  • Providing a safe and inclusive environment allows our people to do their best work and unlock their potential.
  • Bolstering diverse teams leads to more interesting, competitive, and rich work.

Building on our belief that DE&I is a collaborative effort, we started our DEI Committee in 2019 to continue defining and embodying what that means for us as an agency. Since then, our team of passionate, driven individuals has grown over 7x in size, and has continued implementing DEI into our framework through numerous projects, trainings, and benefits that will support not just Movement Strategy, but our extending communities.

Travel stories Movement Journeys.

For Connor's Journey, he chose to go on a Creative Residency hosted by Light Grey Art Lab in Norway. Its purpose was to connect with like-minded creatives in various industries, learn new techniques and processes. But the real journey was the friends he made along the way.

Connor Palomino Associate Creative Director

Marla defines herself as a maker, and was excited to use her Movement Journey for a Glowforge Pro laser cutter. She feels that learning about new ways to make and be creative is an important outlet for mental health and creative motivation.

Marla Mrowka Associate Creative Director

Chloe completed her Mat Pilates Certification for her Movement Journey because she loves Pilates and wanted to use this experience to improve her public speaking and leadership skills. She now teaches virtual classes before and after work.

Chloe Israel Copywriter

For her Movement Journey, Brianne Bracken attended the 2018 TedWomen Conference in Palm Springs, CA. The purpose of this journey was to meet and connect with other women, focus on leadership growth, and to broaden her perspective by hearing stories from different people with different backgrounds.

Bri Bracken Director of Business Strategy

Edgar's Movement Journey wasn't actually his own. It was a way for him to show his mom appreciation for sacrificing so much to give his sister and him a better life. He put his mother on her first-ever plane and their little family had a blast exploring Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, and Venice. This experience brought them all closer as a family and left his mom with a severe travel bug!

Edgar Alan Rivera Art Director

Andrew Downing on his Movement Journey in Montana to help unplug and see the world through a different lens.

Andrew Downing Social & Digital Strategist


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