Lourdes Fitzgerald

DEI Intern

Being an advocate is the most rewarding part of the work.

What’s your role in your ERG/the DEI Committee?

My role here is to create agendas and ensure all tasks are followed up on. I appreciate the space because it’s really cool to talk to people I wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise. It allows all types of people at Movement to come together and speak what might be on their mind.

What made you want to get involved?

I’ve always been really conscious about inclusion and representation. In college, I’m really involved with my housing board and it really empowered me to want to continue doing equity work in my professional life too. Being an advocate is the most rewarding part of the work. I can listen to my peers and be the bridge by bringing those concerns to the faculty. There was so much that people wanted to see changed, so being that voice was difficult but I’m glad I was able to change at least some things.

How has being a part of your ERG/the DEI Committee changed the way you work at Movement?

I felt like I really understood what Movement was trying to achieve with the DEI committee, even just from the interview. The first meeting I was in was a heavier topic, but I really appreciated that people could be so vulnerable here. It really made me see the company culture here is super strong, as people were willing to be so open.

What are you looking forward to being a part of next?

Our Pride month speaker, erin nae (Queer, Black, storyteller, creator and executive producer), just came to talk to us. She reminded me of something I learned in school, so I’m really hoping to connect her to the faculty and have her speak at my college as well.

What would you want others to know about how Movement prioritizes DEI?

The biggest thing that stood out to me during my interviews was that when we look at clients, we want to make sure their values align with ours. That really made a huge impression on me. The other thing that stuck out was how we look into diverse influencers and giving people opportunities that may not have been top of mind.

Any advice for young people interested in DEI?

If you’re in college and are looking to get into DEI, my biggest tip is to get involved! My school is super active when it comes to opportunities in activism. Find the areas that you’re most interested in DEI – DEI is everywhere– and introduce yourself to that world.


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