Edgar Alan Rivera López

Co-Founder of the DEI Committee Senior Art Director

It felt bad having to assimilate, so it was a drive to change that.

Was DEI something you were always passionate about?

I felt like I had to be. I had a lot of culture shock coming from Mexico and felt like I had something to prove. I was going through a really tough time being the only person of color in my office. It was lonely and it felt bad having to assimilate, so it was a drive to change that.

What made you want to get involved?

For me, I originally felt disconnected from the work culture. At the time, I was the only person of color in one office location and it was tough. So we had a conversation, brought it to HR to see what a committee would look like.

How has being a part of your ERG/the DEI Committee changed the way you work at Movement?

I felt a sense of belonging being a part of the creation of the committee. Having a dedicated DEI lead like Adriana was a dream from a long time ago. The committee has had such a lasting impact on the work culture – to be more aware of the sensitivities we don’t always consider. The negative aspect is that the work is difficult and it does take a toll.

Where are you currently at in your DEI journey?

I’m still in the committee for the conversations, but I’m also taking some time for myself because DEI is hard work. It took me a really long time to realize it’s okay to put my own mental health first. I do feel hopeful about the initiatives Movement is doing, such as the Burnout Initiative – I feel like something really good can and will come out of it.


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