Chelsea Long

Co-Lead of the Women’s ERG VP, Director of Strategic Marketing

I realized that as a leader at this agency, I have a lot I can bring from DEI sessions to the work I do every day.

What made you want to get involved?

I suffered from burnout in 2019 and took some time off. During that period, I spent a lot of time thinking about equitable practices in the workplace, like, how do we make sure that people are able to take the time they need not only to be recharged, but also to ensure we’re able to make a positive impact outside of the workplace, too? How do we carve out the time and emotional space to be doing the daily work we need to do for reformative movements? So although that’s why I initially joined, I’ve found the conversations we’ve had to be so much more all-encompassing than that, and it’s given me even more of passion in being a part of this team and this agency.

What were some initial expectations?

When I joined, I was definitely intimidated and didn’t feel like I’d “done enough” or had the chops to be a meaningful part of the team. But even just in listening to the rest of the team, I learned so much about experiences I didn’t know anything about. And I realized that as a leader at this agency, I have a lot I can bring not just to DEI sessions, but from them to the work I do every day and the example I can set.

How has being a part of your ERG/the DEI Committee changed the way you work at Movement?

Being a part of the DEI committee has given me a totally different lens for the work we do, and it’s definitely made me feel even more proud to work at Movement. As Adriana always says, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But in being a part of the committee, I see the marathon training going into place week over week. When I wasn’t a part of the committee you tend to see just the final product – not the hours and hours of conversation and individuals putting in extra effort to get there.

What have you found inspiring lately about being a part of your ERG/the DEI Committee?

This isn’t really new but the honesty and vulnerability that the team brings to every conversation we have is really something. I am a member of the Mental Health ERG and we all have to come in being really honest about why we’re there and what we want, and that is not something you typically talk about at work, so it’s hard and it feels weird. But because we’re all doing it together, and we’ve created a safe bubble for each other, it allows for much deeper conversations and impact because of that personal connection to each other.

What are you looking forward to being a part of next?

I am excited about bringing more of our work to life with some of the initiatives we’ve been working toward. Seeing the Burnout Prevention initiative come to life could really impact the lives of everyone who works here, and hopefully start a trend in the industry.


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