The Bat Cowl Collection: NFTs Inspired by DC’s Batman
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The Bat Cowl Collection: NFTs Inspired by DC’s Batman

Movement Strategy

Mar 29, 2022 10 minutes read
On Tuesday March 29rd, 2022, Warner Bros. and DC Comics just announced one of the largest and most exciting NFT projects to date.

In partnership with Palm NFT Studios and designed by Daz 3D, Warner Bros. is releasing 200,000 unique Batman Cowls that can be bought and Minted on the Palm blockchain.

Movement Strategy was brought in to help create a community around this project. Specifically, we are running the @BatCowls Twitter account and the Bat Cowls Discord server. In addition, we have been working hand in hand with the partners on this project to ensure a successful launch from a marketing perspective and to lay the framework for a highly impactful long-term community full of utility and great brand experience.

An active and highly passionate community is a vital part of building a successful NFT project and so we are excited and honored to represent Warner Bros. and be tasked with building and managing the community for their largest NFT project to date.


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