2021 Movement Strategy DEI & Culture Report
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2021 Movement Strategy DEI & Culture Report

Movement Strategy

May 10, 2022 10 minutes read

At Movement, we believe that what we put out into the world matters. And since we were founded on the principles of paving our own path, we take bold steps towards what we believe is the right direction.

This means addressing the big stuff: the systems of inequality that impact some of us far more than others.

As culture creators, we firmly believe we have a responsibility to our colleagues, clients, communities, and the industry to live up to the Movement name. We confront inequities head on as they come, knowing that this work is never done and that we must keep the momentum.

Partner Letter

We are three years into having an established DEI focus at Movement Strategy, and while we are no longer just starting out, we also have so much more work to do. In a lot of ways, that sums up our ongoing approach to DEI. As much as we accomplish, there will always be more work for us. We are proud to embrace this. It means that DEI will never be a number to hit or a box to check before we can move on, rather it is a lifelong commitment to learning and doing better.

Over the past year we have made significant progress on our DEI journey, and none of those have been more impactful than bringing on Adriana Crawford as our first head of DEI & Positive Impact. Over the past seven months, she has had a profound impact on our ability to implement DEI initiatives at the agency, but again, we are just getting started.

The DEI report will show the strides we have made, and point out the work that needs to be done. We have, and will continue, to invest in DEI and put our money where our mouth is by having someone who is fully dedicated to this and will help steer our investments and actions.

While we all saw that a lot of companies talked a big game in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd murder, we are proud to be one of a smaller group that is upholding that commitment and putting in the work month after month, year after year. We are embracing the long journey this will be with many small actions along the way that will ultimately lead to significant change. As part of this, the partners are all currently going through DEI executive coaching to ensure we are leading from a place of understanding. We are looking forward to continuing this journey through increasing our actions and investments heading into 2022 and beyond.

Our Culture Report

We’re taking a closer look into our company culture.

To get an accurate understanding of the current culture at Movement, we took a multi-phased approach to gather information. 

We conducted a Q4 DEI report and assembled materials such as our 2021 Agency goals, Personnel Manuals, town hall recordings, speaker/trainer presentations, demographics survey and turnover data.

The Culture Survey was then disbursed in August 2021 with an 80% response rate. 

The questions covered staff engagement, psychological safety, career growth and burnout. The survey, along with the material review contributed to the findings of the current culture of DEI at Movement. Our full culture report is below:

2021 Accomplishments and 2022 Goals

In 2021,  we’re proud to have made the following agency accomplishments:

  • DEI Restructuring
    • Redefining DEI
    • Mission Statement
    • Roles & Responsibilities 
  • Executive Coachings
  • Speakers | Educators
  • Women’s Town Hall
  • 1:1’s with Sr. DEI Manager
  • Partnership with Talent Acquisition
  • Stakeholder in client vetting process
  • Social Media Marketing Workshops 
  • Continuing Awareness Months Celebrations

In 2022, we will keep the momentum going, as we roll out our ERG programs, annual and pulse surveys, a DEI strategic plan, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 


We’re ready when you are.

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