Beyond the Black Square
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Beyond the Black Square

Movement Strategy

May 19, 2022 10 minutes read

We’re figuring this out together.

Movement Strategy is a social media agency. So whenever there’s a tragedy or disruptive cultural moment, brands often ask us how they should respond. Pause the feed? Post a statement? What are competitors doing? 

Any move will be scrutinized, with lasting ramifications.

Yet, brands are expected to speak up. And consumers expect to hear from them, even though we don’t think every brand needs to respond to everything. 

After George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, and the watering down of subsequent social justice messaging, we’ve seen how statements of allyship can fall flat when unsupported by concrete action.

We wanted to prepare this playbook for ourselves and our clients. We didn’t do it alone, turning to 25 experts in various fields — activists, organizers, sociologists, and seasoned social media managers — and poring over hundreds of pages of research. And we’re still learning.

We hope that by the end of this playbook, you’ll have tools to approach tough cultural moments thoughtfully.

Feel free to share the info here with your team and company. We’d love to hear your ideas, too, on what’s working and what hasn’t — and how this report helps you along the way.



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