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What we do We help brands get the most value out of their social media channels.

Identifying the right audience
Identifying the right audience

Our strategy begins with identifying, understanding, and connecting with the social audience you should be talking with, and creating content for.

Developing a Social Persona
Developing a Social Persona

We work with our clients to create a unique social persona that captures attention, and builds meaningful connections.

Creating wins with Community Management
Creating wins with Community Management

Our award winning community management team continually engages across social platforms to create breakthrough brand moments.

Producing scroll-stopping social content
Producing scroll-stopping social content

Regardless of whether your brand is more memes and TikTok, or YouTube shows and Instagram posts, our team of creatives will elevate your social content and campaigns to be the best within the industry.

Forging meaningful partnerships with influencers
Developing a Social Persona

We build relationships, co-create branded content, and develop bespoke programs alongside influencers, all while overseeing and managing the entire process for our clients.

Supporting with smart paid media
Supporting with smart paid media

Our paid media team is fully integrated, ensuring that our content reaches the right audience through strategic media placements across all social platforms.

Building Web3 Communities
Forging meaningful partnerships with influencers

We help brands utilize new tools like NFTs, DAOs, Discord, Blockchain, 3-D animation and design to build and grow passionate web3 fan communities.

Earning that reach
Creating wins with Community Management

We further expand the reach of our work through securing earned media placements on TV, podcasts, digital media, print and radio.

Digging into the data
Producing scroll-stopping social content

We pair robust reports on what’s happened, with live dashboards for what’s happening now, and strategic insights for optimizing what’s next for your social channels.

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Sep 07, 2022

5 Steps To Building Your Discord Community

Discord is all about community, but community doesn’t just appear out of thin air; you have to build it. Here are five some in-depth strategies and tactics on how to engage your Discord members so they’re around for the long haul.

Aug 11, 2022

Rethinking the Framework of Brand Response to Tragedies

Why the first step for brands to go beyond social media lip-service is building the right internal and external team.

Jul 21, 2022

How Can A Brand Use Discord?

Over the last year, brands have slowly been realizing the value of starting a brand Discord community. And with 350 million users, Discord is not a platform to dismiss.

Jul 06, 2022

Meet the Movement Team: Remote Work Edition

We asked three of Movement’s remote hires for their biggest tips on starting a new job online and how to find community in a remote work world.


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