PARTNER: USA TODAY   //   PROJECT: #VotingBecause



During a very contentious presidential primary season, Movement Strategy was asked to look ahead to the general election and create a meaningful campaign for USA TODAY that would break through the noise. With a crowded news cycle focusing on the candidates and the issues, we decided to focus our campaign around voter registration and turnout. What started as an idea grew into an extraordinary campaign that garnered national attention, celebrity participation and video placement in Times Square.


With so much attention already surrounding the presidential election, we realized there was a way to use the USA TODAY's breadth to truly impact the nation in a way that reflected the brand's positive and colorful tone. At the core of the campaign, USA TODAY asked people not who they were voting for, but what they were voting for. This worked to surface the most critical issues Americans cared about heading into the November election.


campaign Activation

We took a multidimensional campaign approach which included a microsite, meme generator, printable cards, social media content, Twitter conversation ads, Facebook and Instagram paid media units and a video board in Times Square.


What started as a simple idea of printable signs in the physical newspaper, developed into a campaign that splashed all over social. Motivated by that success, it was then turned into a digital billboard in Times Square.


Campaign Results

Once the campaign launched it started to spread virally across social and digital, generating over 90,000 engagements across social media platforms. The campaign was featured by People Magazine, picked up by celebrities who shared their #VotingBecause on social, and seen by millions of people across digital, press pickup and throughout social media platforms. 


Between September 22nd and November 9th there were 16,000+ social mentions of the campaign — reaching a potential audience of over 61 million people. In addition, through over 10,000 shares on social, the campaign spread to an additional 83 million people.



Riding on the success of #VotingBecause, Movement Strategy and USA TODAY partnered up again to launch One Nation. Using our learnings we're developing a year-long campaign that's working to unify a country in need of healing after an unprecedented election.