PARTNER: UACF   //   PROJECT: Recipe Video Series



We partnered with Under Armour’s Connected Fitness division — the world’s largest digital fitness community — to create a deliciously inspiring video series promoting both healthy recipes and UACF’s digital entities. The project served up 22 mouth-watering, yet bite-sized videos, to be shared across social & digital Under Armour properties.

The goal: create inspiring, video-centric content that is both engaging and useful for the Under Armour digital community.



Creating the series required coordination of several key players, as we needed to create both healthy and visually appealing content. To do so, we tapped Under Armour’s editorial team to source simple and inspiring dishes we knew the online community would love. We worked closely with Under Armour’s nutritionist to fact-check the recipe’s claims and nutritional info. And, perhaps most importantly, we brought on a food stylist and production crew to make nutritious look delicious.



Planning was just as critical as production, especially to create all 22 videos in just 4 shoot days. This was a joint effort between Under Armour and Movement Strategy to: vet all ingredients and nutritional information, scout the perfect kitchen, plan and style all kitchenware, test each dish, meticulously schedule each day, and cook/bake/make all recipes!