Movement Strategy has launched over 100 microsite and mobile apps over the past five years. Everything from UGC contests to social sweepstakes and Facebook videos. Through this extensive experience we’ve developed industry leading experience around what works and what doesn’t for brands. We take this experience to ensure that when our clients look to build a social app, microsite or mobile app they go into it armed with the information they need to assure its success. 

Social Activation

Campaign websites & micro-sites

From concept to wireframes, design, development, QA and launch our team can handle all aspects of creating a successful digital site. We have done it hundreds of times.

Mobile apps

With an ever increasing percentage of traffic happening on mobile, our team has become skilled at thinking mobile first and building out activations with this in mind. We are able to handle both native apps and web based mobile apps.


OOH Social

Our team was one of the first to pioneer putting social feeds on digital OOH media units and have evolved the craft as the major social networks continue making their feeds publicly available.