canary partnership

Since Q2 of 2016, Movement Strategy has partnered with Canary as social AOR for the consumer product company. Together, our teams build creative campaigns to support product launches, brand initiatives and continue to position Canary as the "friendly" home security camera in the marketplace.

Campaign Background

Before the days of home security cameras, parents had it pretty easy to leave "evidence" that Santa came through to fool their kids – missing milk and cookies and a little soot by the fireplace. Now, the game has changed. Children who grew up with technology will need extra convincing. Last year, there were even a few Canary users who spoke out to us on Twitter asking if Canary would catch Santa on camera. So in the spirit of the holidays, we helped parents with Canary devices continue the myth of Santa Claus–with a little something called Santa Mode. 



campaign strategy

The Tweets we received last Christmas inspired us to create a campaign this year explaining why Santa is able to elude most Canary devices and at the same time introduced our audience to Santa Mode. Through a 360º digital campaign including a micro-site, email marketing, a contest and social content, we launched a lighthearted campaign to help create "evidence" of Santa's visit. By working with teams across Canary's marketing, PR, social, creative and dev we pulled off a campaign that helped keep the myth of Santa Claus alive–one #caughtbyCanary at a time.


Campaign Extensions

To launch Santa Mode, we worked with the email marketing team to target an introduction email to the campaign to highly engaged Canary users. This introduced the campaign to our audience and had a CTA to head to our micro-site to find out how to enter the contest to get your own Santa Mode video. We even created an email alias ( for all submissions.

In conjunction with launching the Santa Mode e-mail, we worked with Canary’s dev team to create a micro-site that explained how Santa Mode works, instructions on how to submit your own Canary footage to get a Santa Mode video, terms and conditions, and more. We worked closely with the creative and marketing teams on language to whimsically depict Santa Mode in our fictional world while ensuring cohesiveness in branding with the Canary aesthetic.



Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 4.11.54 PM.png



To launch the campaign on social, we worked with the three Canary users who reached out to us on Twitter last year about catching Santa on Canary. We created Santa Mode videos specially for them and launched the campaign by posting these videos on Twitter and Facebook along with an instructional social video.

We selected 10 lucky winners and created them each a custom Santa Mode video, inserting Santa into actual footage of their living room.



Consolation Email From Santa

For those who submitted footage but didn’t receive a Santa Mode video, we sent an email from a secondary alias that appeared like it was from Santa Claus himself to continue the fictional ruse that we were in cahoots with Santa Claus.



Social Conversation

Everyone was getting in on the fun on social, praising Santa Mode and chiming in on the conversation. We got children and adults excited about Santa and the prospect of seeing him in your own living room.


The Results


People loved Santa Mode—we saw a steady stream of submissions, positive social conversation and successful results. Throughout the campaign we had over 798,800 impressions, 345,500 video views,  and 6,700 engagements with the content over a 2-week span.