Our media department works within Decision Science and alongside our creative team to ensure that every campaign is uniquely amplified across social channels. Our media strategists continuously test and optimize ads on a daily and hourly basis to verify that clients are getting the best results at the lowest possible cost. We have developed deep partnerships with teams at every major social platform and we meet with these reps on an ongoing basis. These relationships allow our clients to be on the forefront of product advancements and enable early access to beta features as they launch.

Paid Media


Our content strategists, media planners and Decision Science team collaborate to create detailed paid media plans across social networks. We put together a media mix to ensure we’re effectively reaching our audience wherever they are. 


We work directly with our reps at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest and Snapchat to purchase media on their platforms. This ensures that our clients get preferred treatment throughout the media buying process. Our team has run thousands of paid media campaigns with hundreds of brands since 2008 making us one of the most experienced companies in the space when it comes to paid media across social. 



We seed video out to our extensive network of bloggers, influencers, premium publishing sites and across social platforms. These audiences are tailored around the specific campaign and we are able to quickly optimize based on CPC, CPV and CPA.


We’ve found Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’s app install platforms to be a highly effective form of driving app installs. Our team sets up a conversion path to optimize around installs or other goals such as in-app purchases. We then continually optimize to ensure the best return on the media spend.



Our media campaigns come with robust reporting on a weekly and campaign basis. On a weekly basis we create snapshot reports outlining total spend, reach and CPAs and provide insight around top performing copy, creative and targeting parameters. These weekly reports lay the foundation for the following week -- a collaboration with the decision science team. At the conclusion of each campaign or on a monthly basis we send over a more in-depth media report that includes the above plus competitor benchmarking and a deep dive into all ad sets and recommendations moving forward.