PARTNER: Nike Basketball   //   PROJECT: 2015 NBA Playoffs Campaign



Insert Nike Basketball into conversations around the 2015 NBA Playoffs and establish higher levels of real-time engagement on the @NikeBasketball social channels.


Our team set up a real-time listening and response campaign to monitor key conversations around each playoff game. This strategy enabled meaningful conversations with relevant influencers and fans. Using this strategy, @NikeBasketball saw a 25% week over week channel performance lift throughout the duration of the playoffs. 



Nike created Basketbaltar, a fictitious character stooped in magic and mysticism to act as their all-knowing ambassador throughout the playoffs. To support this effort we created Basketbaltar inspired Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile pics and cover photos and pushed out hundreds of real-time content pieces in the all-knowing Basketbaltar voice. These videos, GIFS, images, Tweets, were posted in real-time as events unfolded on the court, asking fans to join in with their all-knowing predictions, interact with Basketbaltar and use the campaign hashtag. Quickly, thousands joined in. 

Social Media Reactions Nike


Viral Campaign spread

As users started to engage with and amplify the campaign, influencers, media and major brands saw what were doing and decided to join in on the fun. This had a viral effect, pushing the campaign out into the feeds of thousands who then retweeted to their followers. All told, the campaign generated over 250 million organic impressions.

Influencers and Media Nike



The Nike Basketball playoff campaign exceeded goals across all of the program KPI's. These results were accomplished without the aid of paid media support, making the results that much more impressive. 

  • Twitter followers increased by 2X their pre-campaign daily average.
  • Influencers picked up the campaign, directly extending the messaging to millions of basketball fans. Notable accounts that joined in: Buzzfeed Sports, Foot Locker, Jay Bilas, Bun B, Wolf Blitzer, LA Clippers, Atlanta Hawks.
  • The campaign hashtag was used over 10,000 times.
  • The campaign generated approximately 250 million impressions.