Our content studio powers social channels for top brands across multiple industries. Our bespoke approach to tone and strategy ensures that each channel has its own unique branded content and resonates with its intended audience. Each of our clients have access to a team of content strategists, writers, designers, art directors, photographers, videographers and animators.

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We believe that data and innovation have a perfect marriage in social media. And, as marketers, we have a wealth of data that we can utilize to help shape strategy. This philosophy de-silos teams, disseminates data that drives strategy, and ensures we’re leveraging holistic data to influence smarter decisions.



Our media department works alongside our creative team to ensure that every campaign is uniquely amplified across social channels. Our media strategists continuously test and optimize ads on a daily and even hourly basis to ensure that clients are getting the best results at the lowest possible cost. We have developed personal relationships with teams at all of the major social platforms and we talk to these reps on an ongoing basis. These relationships allow our clients to be on the forefront of product advancements and enable early access to beta features as they launch.

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We have an extensive network of influencers across a broad spectrum of demographics that we use in campaigns and content stories. We partner with collaborators to shape brand perceptions, create content, introduce new audiences, and activate large social programs.



Movement Strategy has launched over 100 microsite and mobile apps over the past five years. Everything from UGC contests to social sweepstakes and Facebook videos. Through this extensive experience we’ve developed industry leading experience around what works and what doesn’t for brands. We take this experience to ensure that when our clients look to build a social app, microsite or mobile app they go into it armed with the information they need to assure its success.

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We work to build meaningful communities of people who share our clients’ ideals and inspire them to become loyal customers and advocates. Utilizing the most robust social media listening software our community management team ensures that our clients never miss a thing. This allows us to capitalize on opportunities to build or strengthen customer relationships with our clients. It also means we’re constantly cued into early warning signs of negative sentiment and can react accordingly.