We believe that data and innovation have a perfect marriage in social media. And, as marketers, we have a wealth of data that we can utilize to help shape strategy. This philosophy de-silos teams, disseminates data that drives strategy, and ensures that we’re leveraging holistic data to influence smarter decisions.

Decision Science


Social media enables us to capture extensive volumes of data around people who are talking about or interacting with a brand. When combined with existing customer data or third party data, we are able to paint an accurate profile of who is buying and can build similar segments of people who are also likely to buy. By layering these data sets to explore consumer profiles we can examine social’s effect on purchases or other onsite behavior which we then use to inform our creative strategy.


We believe that the best strategy comes from an ability to blend art and science. The science is in the capacity to turn huge sets of raw data into actionable insights. The art is rooted in a passion for and extensive experience with social media marketing. This is why we ground ourselves in analytics that is far more than reporting. Our Analytics team functions to fuse these two disciplines to uncover the correct social media strategy for our clients.



During the on-boarding phase of a new relationship, we embark on a social media audit to explore the social landscape and uncover areas of opportunity. Our social media audits regularly include competitive benchmarking, content and channel analysis, social audience and customer profiling, qualitative listening, SWOT analysis, channel and initiative-specific strategy guidelines, and measurement planning.


We build always-on, real-time media testing models based on content and channel goals to best activate the audience with optimized content. Results are aggregated immediately and implemented through strategy recommendations and partnership with our Content Studio.



We’ve invested in a full stack of social media software so you don’t have to. Through years of demos, testing, coding and collaboration we’ve built the ultimate social media software suite which includes robust social media dashboards that our clients have full access to. These dashboards include real-time listening, sentiment analysis, competitive intelligence and channel performance.


Our analysts create interactive and mobile-friendly reports customized to a campaign’s specific needs, benchmarks, and audience. These reports can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a structure incorporating multiple versions to best serve a client or campaign’s needs.



We track everything that we do on critical business and marketing initiatives. Oftentimes this means connecting what we’re doing on social directly to sales. To accomplish this, our team utilizes a suite of measurement tools on social and website platforms. We are able to measure users across devices and platforms to see how our social programs are impacting sales. Regardless of the sales funnel process, we work with our clients to develop an ROI model and build out a measurement and reporting plan to track against it.


The Analytics team collaborates with clients to set KPI benchmarks that ladder up to an overarching marketing or business objective. We then develop a measurement plan and goal forecast to track results in real time.